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Your Car Deserves a Wheel Alignment Machine! 

Your Car Deserves a Wheel Alignment Machine!  post thumbnail image

Even though electrification is all the rage among modern cars, they still use many purely mechanical components. The suspension, for example, is made of several parts that need perfect alignment to properly function. Fortunately, we are here to show you that this task is not excessively hard to do. 

A 3D wheel alignment machine is the best solution to that. It can correct the camber, caster and toe angles of your tires and, with that, bring them back to normal operation and wear. And you will see that it is more affordable than you think. This guide is going to present everything about this topic! 

What exactly is wheel alignment? 

It is the position of the wheel (rim plus tire) relative to the suspension. There are three angles with which the automotive industry works in order to determine the alignment of each wheel in a car: 

  • Camber: Look at the car from the front. If the upper area of the wheels are closer than the lower ones, you have negative camber. The opposite positions configure a positive camber. 
  • Caster: Look at any of the front wheels from the side. If its axis is tilted frontwards, you have a case of negative caster. If it is tilted towards the rear, you will have a positive caster angle. 
  • Toe: Look at the car from above. If the wheels’ front areas are closer than the rear ones, it is a toe in. The opposite situation, where the rear areas are closer to one another, is a toe out. 

Why is wheel alignment important? 

Those angles always exist for two reasons. One is that it is impossible to perfectly align a wheel and keep it like that forever. The other is that there are some dynamic advantages to have these angles within limits. Each manufacturer has its own recommendations for those angles in each of its cars. 

When a car’s wheel alignment is off those limits, it will show signs such as pulling to a side, keeping the steering wheel off center, and producing uneven tire wear. The 3D alignment machine models you are going to learn about soon can solve all those problems in your car in a matter of minutes. 

Mokemok 3D Wheel Alignment Machine 

With a wheel clamp style, you can easily fit this wheel alignment machine to your car’s wheel. It fits diameters from 11” to 25” and has precision adjustments to ensure accurate measurement. Besides that, it features sturdy construction and comes in a carton box that you can use to store the device. 

Tenhulzen Tyre Alignment Machine 

This tool is made in the USA and uses an all-in-one system. The manufacturer provides instructions in video with all the detail you need, so it will be easy to use. With this wheel alignment machine, it is possible to measure the wheel’s camber, caster and toe angles with up to 0.1 degree of precision.